Abby PaulsenBy: Abby Paulsen

These are a couple tips about things I think would be helpful to think about on a college tour:

Tip #1. “Walks up 7 flights of stairs for the Fitbit.”

Take note of the distance you are walking.

  • As you know, Edgewood is considered our little home in the big city of Madison. There are great differences when it comes to taking an Edgewood tour vs. per say a UW Madison tour. If you are a Fitbit fanatic, you could potentially not mind the 15-20 minute walks to classes or the 7-10 flights of stairs to your residence hall floor. On an Edgewood College tour, you should definitely take note of the physical amount of steps you are taking to and from your residence hall to classes, as well as how many minutes that is. This becomes pertinent information in getting ready for classes in the morning, as well as how much time it will take you to travel to your classes in -20 degree weather with 50 mph wind chill come the winter season.

Tip #2. “College Life: Good Grades, Social Life, Enough Sleep—pick two.”

Ask about time management.

  • While every student is different and each learning style is unique, there is no harm in asking about time management skills. There is a myth that you can either have good grades and a social life without enough sleep; good grades and enough sleep with no social life; a social life with enough sleep, but not good grades—the list goes on. While certain days, it may feel this way, there are numerous resources on campus in order to adhere to help you manage your college life, academically and socially. Failure is a common fear among first year students. Time management is the way to conquer and avoid this fear. Simply asking can give ideas on how to go about your daily life as well as ease your mind about accomplishing the rounded college experience.

Tip #3. “These boots were made for walking.”

Ask about transportation.

  • As a first year student, you are NOT allowed to bring a vehicle to campus. This is not known knowledge to everyone, and sometimes there is the assumption that you can bring one. By asking about this, your question will not only be answered, but you will also be told about other transportation opportunities. For Edgewood College, you are given a free Madison Metro Bus Pass to utilize. We also have what is known as the Shuttle, which will run once a week as the shopping shuttle- places it travels to: Target and the West Side Mall- and will run on weekends from 8 PM- 3 AM as means of transportation to downtown and off campus weekend activities.

Tip #4. “Papers in College? That is actually… a thing?”

Ask about Writing Centers.

  • I personally felt as an incoming freshman, that when upperclassman talked of writing papers that were single spaced and 20 pages long…. I truly did not believe them and felt they were pulling my leg. I can tell you now that they were being completely and entirely honest. This is why it is crucial to ask about any writing centers on campus. By asking about this, especially on a lovely Edgewood College Campus Tour, you will discover that these are free services to students- ranging from helping to start a paper to editing every single punctuation error and word choice possible. This turns your paper from a B to an A in no time. This is a great resource that you should be taking highly into consideration on your tour, CONSIDERING 85% of your time will indeed be spent writing very long papers.

Tip #5. “Did you say FREE?!?”

Discover and come to love free things/events on campus.

  • Have you ever heard the phrase “Poor College Student”? It is used quite often throughout the life of a college student. This is why asking about what free events occur on campus will be sure to persuade you in your decision on where you chose to spend the next 4+ years of your life. At Edgewood College, you find they are having free events every week! And let me tell you, you will absolutely, positively come to LOVE and ADORE this. Whether it be free cupcakes, coffee, any type of food really…. You will be there 5 minutes before the event even starts. No doubt. Participating in such events is a way to become involved as a student on campus too, so there is really no negative aspect in going to free events….. where they offer free things. Take note of the word “free” in any sentence or phrase used on a tour, really. So ask, ask, ask…. This will be sure to get you excited and passionate about your school.