taranBy Taran Lancaster

As I am typing this now, I have taken 10 courses here at Edgewood College, and am currently enrolled in four more.  I have taken a wide range of courses, from history of the Middle East, to Statistics.  Although I am not a strong math or history student, I came out with decent grades and more knowledge from both of those courses.  Some classes I have thoroughly enjoyed include Philosophy, Intro to Child Life, and College Writing: “Whodunit”.  However, the courses I have loved the most are COR 1 Perspectives in Puppetry, and Acting I.

Entering the school year as a freshman, every student is required to take a COR 1 class.  When I first signed up for Edgewood College courses, I was still a high school student.  I imagined college courses to be intensely grueling academically speaking.  However, when I came across Perspectives in Puppetry, I knew that I was going to fit in at Edgewood College.  My COR 1 class formed a bond that is still unbreakable today.  I have gained numerous friends from just that one class that I know will last a lifetime.  In puppetry, we truly got to let our creative juices flow by constructing puppets out of nature, and even interacting with the elementary campus school children.  I absolutely love acting, and this was such a nice class to have in the middle of math, English, and communications.  It had such a laidback atmosphere, but was encouraging to my academic learning process here at Edgewood as well.  Although the material and the students made me fall in love with the course, Professor Susan Nanning-Sorenson impacted my experience greatly.  She is such a kind soul, and treats you more like a friend than a student, but in the most professional way.  I could easily tell that she genuinely cares about each of her students, and makes that extra effort to check in on them.  After taking Perspectives in Puppetry with Susan, I am currently taking Drama in Education, and am having the same wonderful experience as I did last year.

Furthermore, I also really took to the course Acting 1 taught by Professor Jeanne Leep.  I also took an incredible bond to each of my classmates, as we got to know each other extremely well through various acting exercises.  Although I consider myself a hardcore theatre student, there were students who only took the course for the tags, and had no previous theatre experience.  However, those students fit in very well with the rest of us, and the learning threshold was maximized even more.  We got to periodically write a journal for the class, which constantly pushed myself to get to know my true self even more than I thought I already did.  Professor Jeanne Leep was able to relate to each one of us in a different way that may our own learning experiences much more personalized and attributed to ourselves.  I believe that my own acting skills advanced in such a huge way in this one semester course, and I know that I have Jeanne and my classmates to thank.

If there is one thing that I have learned throughout these 14 courses at Edgewood College, it is that the professors do truly care about each one of their students, and knowing that enriches my education process greatly.