taran By: Taran Lancaster

In sixth grade (yes, this story starts here), my brother graduated high school.  As the youngest member of my five person family, and only having one big brother, I was devastated knowing he would be leaving for college shortly.  After all, who would I have to play goalie against, or beat at GameCube?  Little did I know at the time, his college was only twenty minutes from my hometown of Cross Plains, Wisconsin.  His college was here; Edgewood College.  For four years, I watched my very own big brother prosper from Edgewood’s academic, social, and cultural opportunities.  I watched him gain a firmer sense of comradery from being a part of the boys’ soccer team for all four years of his Edgewood College career.  I also cheered him on when he became Edgewood’s first student to study abroad at Hope University in Liverpool, England, as to where he became immersed in various cultural experiences that are still with him today.  After obtaining a Business degree within four years here, my brother will prospectively own and operate a Piggly Wiggly within the next few years.  I know that Edgewood College is to thank for the immense pride that I have in my brother.

Although my journey to Edgewood College begins with my brother, it is ultimately one that is taken by me.  So, why did I choose to become an Eagle?  In seventh grade, I first heard of Edgewood’s Child Life program, and I declared my major at the age of thirteen.  I have always been engrossed by the medical field, but wanted a more personal connection within the field.  With my interest in children and in oncology, I knew and still know that Child Life is for me.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Child Life major, it was only being offered at select schools across the country when I was touring colleges.  Although the program has expanded widely since then, I was left with few choices when I was a senior in high school.  I toured the University of Akron in Ohio, and fell in love with the campus, but did not feel the same personal connection that I did with the professors, admissions counselors, and students here at Edgewood College.  I also have always had a strong passion for performance arts in terms of acting, and once I met the theatre department here, I knew that I had a tight knit family.  Personal relationships and connections are very important for me, and I find that each connection I have made here at Edgewood College is pure and genuine.  The class sizes are small, so you truly get a sense of who everyone is and receive the help you need.  Although I do appreciate the small campus, I do love the city life and the night life.  Being minutes away from Wisconsin’s capitol brings excitement to the atmosphere.  And when I am done having fun with friends for the night, I know I can always safely return to my dorm (which feels more like an apartment) at Edgewood College.  As a current sophomore, I have already received multiple opportunities that have impacted my life greatly.  I have been volunteering at the American Family Children’s Hospital for two semesters, I have received help from Hannah in the Study Abroad offices so I am able to do a service trip to Cape Town, South Africa in the coming months, and I have been able to express myself in numerous productions here.  When I first left for college, I was nervous about leaving my extremely close to heart family members, but those I have interacted with here at Edgewood College have become my family.  Edgewood College has become my home.