By: Abby AbbyPaulsen

For most, if not all college students, the two week gap between Thanksgiving break and Winter break is the absolute longest and most stressful two weeks of their lives. On top of finishing up any last minute curriculum between the 12-18 credits we are taking, there are final projects, presentations, 6-8 page papers, exams (cumulative vs. non cumulative makes the worlds difference) and on top of all of that somehow manage to find the time to eat, sleep, and look semi-presentable.

Fear not though, college students. There are ways to overcome the stressfulness of finals, and somehow/someway be ahead of the game. Here are the following three tips that I have configured upon completing my freshman year.

1. Plan ahead!

Oh yes. For all you procrastinators out there, this could do you some good. If it comes down to deciding whether or not to watch an hour of netflix ( you and I both know that turns into 5 hours) or get that history paper done that is due next week…. Chose the history paper every time! I understand that everyone needs a break from schoolwork, and time to just simply sit… but during finals; the time you sit and stare at a screen watching netflix vs. Microsoft word makes a huge difference towards your time management and your GPA.

2. The 50/50 Rule

We all know that during finals, you have approximately 12-18 credits worth of material smashed into one full week of exams, papers, etc. This takes time. LOTS of time. After sitting in your desk chair, reading your textbook to review information for the exam, you find your mind drifting,….. “I wonder if I will go ice skating over Winter break….. Should I eat a salad or sandwich for dinner tonight?” This is completely normal. We get distracted, it’s human! This is why for every 50 minutes you are either doing homework or studying, you need to take a 10 minute break. This could include eating a snack, having a mini dance party, or scrolling through your social media…. You need a break.

3. Nap less, Sleep (at night) more

It is very tempting for people in general, including myself, to take naps upon having the largest workload of their lives at their feet. It is a way to escape reality in essence. Having five exams, three papers, and two projects to do all within a two week period time is quite frightening. My suggestion to you is to skip the naps, get the work done, and get an adequate amount of sleep at night. Your brain needs to be recharged, and going into an exam with two hours of sleep on your belt is not going to help you, but hurt you. In order to avoid napping, head to a library to complete your homework and studying! I promise, the library does wonders.