photoBy: Tess McCulloch

Packing up your life and moving it into a residence hall room that you could possibly be sharing with two other people can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of things that you will want to make sure are packed when you leave for move-in day.

1. Cleaning supplies: If you’re living in Stevie or Dominican you will need to clean your own bathrooms, which also means you will need to supply your own toilet paper. If you are residing in Marshall or Regina you won’t need to clean your own bathrooms, but you may want to clean the personal sink that is in your bedroom!
2. Hanging supplies/poster putty: Residence Life does not allow anyone to puncture holes in the wall for hanging pictures or posters. You will want to buy blue painter’s tape or poster putty. Both of these things are easy to find in college supply sections of stores and are even easier to use.
3. Rain gear/snow gear: Even on a smaller campus like Edgewood where it may only take you 2 minutes to run between buildings during a rain storm, it is still nice to have your bases covered. I suggest bringing a rain jacket, umbrella, and rain boots. For the colder months a heavy winter jacket and snow boots should keep you warm for your walk between classes!
4. Quarters/dollar bills: You will want to bring lots of quarters! It is $1.75 to wash and a dry a load of clothes. On average in college a student will do laundry about every two weeks. There is a change machine located in the Wingra Rec area if you wanted to change dollar bills into change as well.
5. Cable cord: If you plan on bringing a TV into your residence hall room you are more than welcome. There is free cable in the rooms for students, but you will want to bring your own cable cord – the longer the better!
6. Power strip: So many things to plug in, so few outlets. This may be one of the most beneficial things to pack before coming to school. With your phone charger, laptop charger, desk lamps, mini refrigerator, microwave, TV, and countless other things that need to be plugged in, it is nice to have multiple outlets!
7. Can opener: Picture this: it’s 2:00am and you just finished writing your midterm paper for your philosophy course. All you want to do is reward yourself with a nice bowl of spaghetti-o’s that you’ve had hidden under your bed in a storage bin for most of the semester. You pull out the can and realize it is NOT one of those nifty pull tab lids. You are left with a growling stomach and a can of spaghetti-o’s staring you in the face.
8. Over-the-counter medicine: You may have the immune system of a rock right now, but once you move into a residence hall with multiple other people chances are you will eventually get that nasty cold that started on the third floor. Be prepared and bring your favorite choices from your medicine cabinet at home.
9. Stapler/staples: The last thing you want to do while turning in your first college paper is ask your professor for a stapler.
10. Flash drive/external hard drive: A flash drive is a nice way to store files from your laptop and be able to open them up on a school computer. You may even want to invest in an external hard drive to hold all of your files in a compact and easy way.
11. Dishes/silverware: Remember that can of spaghetti-o’s I was talking about earlier? You’ll need a bowl to microwave those in, and probably a spoon to eat them with.

For more tips and tricks on how to pack efficiently for move-in day check out this pinterest site: