By: Meggie WachowiakBlog Picture2

The four days of Freshman Orientation are packed with fun events and activities for incoming students. Though they go by quickly, these four days were one of my favorite parts of my freshman year!

While I definitely recommend going to as many orientation events as possible, here are a few events that no incoming freshman should miss:

• Madison Metro Session: If you have never ridden a city bus before, this session is for you! When I first came to Edgewood, the idea of riding the city bus was a bit intimidating to me, but this session took all of those fears away. In this session, you get to learn about how the Madison Metro bus system works while actually taking a ride on the bus. You learn where all of the stops are, how to transfer busses, and everything you need to know to become an expert at riding the city bus!
• Outdoor Movie: The outdoor movie is the perfect way to relax after a full day of orientation activities! This year the movie Divergent will be shown on the large outdoor movie screen. Come relax on a beautiful summer evening, and of course, there’s always plenty of popcorn and snacks to go around!
• Trip to Super Target: On the last day of orientation, there is a shuttle that runs to Super Target all throughout the afternoon. This is an excellent opportunity to pick up any last additions to your dorm room or get any items that you may have forgotten during your move! There are also trips to the Wingra Boat House, State Street, the Henry Vilas Zoo, and Trader Joes on this afternoon!
• Hillside Block Party and Lakeside Chill and Grill: Almost all of the events at orientation have free food, and these two events are no exception! From hamburgers and hotdogs to root beer floats and s’mores, the Block Party and Chill and Grill have tons of great food to enjoy while playing games, listening to music, and getting to know other new students!
• Dueling Pianos: This event is always a campus favorite! Two professional piano players go head-to-head playing crowd favorites and song requests. It is entertaining, funny, and a great show for everyone!

Orientation is one of the best ways to get to know other incoming students at Edgewood and get acquainted to life as a college student. Take advantage of as much fun and free food as you can!