BrF4VBUydfKe65B43XJLAfSXBy:Samantha Lehman

Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait. My first year of college was everything I expected and more, but there reaches a point that you need and deserve a break. Summer is the perfect time for the well-deserved relaxation. Although I will be working for what will probably feel like all day every day, I definitely plan on doing a lot of fun activities Wisconsin offers. I am most looking forward to attending multiple festivals. For example, I am going to Country USA to see Luke Bryan. I also will be attending as many days as I possibly can to Summerfest. Summerfest is a 10 day music festival held in Milwaukee and is the biggest music festival in the world. Being that I live 20 minutes away from Milwaukee a summer without going to Summerfest is unheard of. I also plan on catching up with old friends, but unfortunately this summer isn’t going to be all fun in game. I will be waitressing at a local restaurant and also taking a summer class here at Edgewood. Summer is almost here and should be a hard and fun filled summer.