sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

Edgewood College does an admirable job of engaging students of the 5 Core Values we currently have. As an Edgewood student, I have really taken the 5 Core Values of Truth, Justice, Compassion, Partnership, and Community to heart. The commitment to teaching and buying into these values can be seen by facility and staff around the campus. Every incoming class is given one value to focus on, especially during freshman orientation week. In the fall of 2012, my class was giving “The Year of Justice.” Not only did we dig in to the deeper meaning of justice, but we asked ourselves what our role in creating a just society.

If I were to add a 6th value, it would be Integrity. Integrity is not only everything we do, but it is everything we are. Integrity is an important characteristic for one to possess because it shows strength and morals, and one is not looking for a reward. Integrity means you will be the one to defend your opinion in a debate in class, it means you will not give in to the peer pressure that surrounds you, and to do what is right. Doing what is right is not always easy, especially as one had this new found independence in college. Integrity is something to nurture during these college years, hoping to be the person you wish to be at the end of your four years here.