momomBy Morgan Huss

Coming to college and being in a new space is a huge adjustment, especially now that you’re on your own. Your freshman year will throw all sorts of new experiences at you so it is important to be prepared! Below is a survival kit that I think will help you survive your first year of college!

Freshman Survival Kit:

Febreze- because who does laundry anyway?
Ear Plugs- for those times your neighbors can’t help but be loud
Dry Shampoo- some days it’s just asking too much to shower
Birthday Cards- Your family/ friends still have birthdays, let them know you still care!
Delicious Homemade Treats from Home- easy way to make friends fast
Money for Pizza- because pizza always understands
Cleaning wipes- messes just have a way of happening
A Tooth Brush Holder- so easily forgotten but oh-so critical
Eye Mask- blocks the sun out during the days after those nights we didn’t get to sleep

Your first year college experience is bound to be a breeze when you find yourself armed and ready with your own kit to help you survive your freshman year!