sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

When entering college, most have this impression of what “college life” will be like. The majority these false ideas come from sources of media, especially movies and television. It seems as if the academic aspect of college is glorified and the social aspect, such as partying, is exaggerated. To be a successful student, it is important to realize that the college experience has more to offer then weekend parties. Movies often portray those who focus on academics as “nerds” or “overachievers,” but college really is a time to take academics seriously and become engaged in the curriculum of your particular field of study. Learning also occurs outside of the classroom, something movies often forget about. College is a time for growth and learning through finding yourself and increased independence. A balance between your social and academic life will offer maximum success.

Monsters University has a unique portrayal of the college experience.  The movie has a focus on striving to be a part of Greek life, something Edgewood College does not have. Monsters University is a beautiful Gothic campus that is host to many clubs and activities, similar to Edgewood. The professors seem to show a lack of compassion, something that is not true at Edgewood. In my experience here, I have nothing but great things to say about the professors. They always go out of their way to meet with you and care about your education.  Movies are not based on facts and often give the wrong representation of the college life.