momomBy Morgan Huss

As a college student, budgets are often more limited when spending money on things for entertainment. One of the greatest things about Madison is the abundance of activities that you can do on a college budget or even for free. When the weather is nice in fall and spring, these opportunities are much easier to come by. Although winter does restrict some activities, there are many still out there!

One of my favorite things to do is to go to concerts at either the Majestic or the Orpheum. I’ve attended concerts at these venues for $0-$20, which is great price! Another wonderful thing to do is to attend a sporting event at either Edgewood College or UW. If you choose to attend a Badger hockey or basketball game you can usually find students selling tickets for relatively cheap. The Chazen Museum is another example of a not only free, but interesting venue to go check out. The Chazen showcases many different mediums of art and is a perfect thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully Madison offers great opportunities for the college foodie, with places offering weekly specials and event deals that are tailored to college students; it is a great way to indulge on a college budget. Whether you like music, sports, art, food or really anything there are abundant opportunities available in Madison to enjoy yourself on a college budget!