sennior pic good %281%29By Erika Schauer

Like any workplace situation, it is not uncommon to have differing opinions among professors similar to those you could have with co-workers. In a college setting, it is expected that individuals handle differences in a mature and appropriate manner. When a problem occurs with a professor, it is often wise to go directly to them first. By going to the professor, it may eliminate confusion or misconceptions the two of you may have. For more serious problems, I would recommend contacting the Academic Dean’s office to discuss the issue and come up with possible resolutions.

In my experience at Edgewood, I have not had any serious issues with facility members. One semester, however, the professor typed in the wrong final grade to Blackboard. To resolve this problem, I simply stated the issue and remained level headed. My professor was very happy to resolve this issue and was very glad I caught this simple mistake. Facility members at Edgewood often go above and beyond to make your experience here pleasurable.