sennior pic good %281%29By: Erika Schauer
            As an Edgewood student, it is required to take a COR 1 class fall semester of your freshman year. When looking at the different classes offered and the tag requirements they fulfilled, I stumbled upon “Perspectives in Puppetry.” I laughed reading the description, only to realize that it had many of the necessary requirements for tags I need.  I asked a friend, current Edgewood student, about the professor only to find out she was great. It was one of the last classes open offered at a great time, so I signed up for it.
            I was not really sure what to expect from this class, but it turned out to be a great experience! Like most COR 1 classes, we really became close as a class and had the opportunity to do projects that were outside of our comfort zones. We often took field trips and the class was very interactive. Never would I have thought I would be enrolled in a puppetry class at a college level. This experience really taught me how to go in every class with an open mind and positive attitude.