sennior pic good %281%29By: Erika Schauer

Finals are a crazy and stressful time for every college student, but with proper preparation, unneeded stress can be avoided. My number one study tip is to attend class the entire semester and make sure you understand the course material as it is being taught. So many of my classmates seem to forget/not care about the material until a few days before the test/final which makes you cram and have unhealthy levels of stress. Being sufficient in every chapter throughout the semester means that you will just have to do a quick review for the final, after all, it is a review of the entire semester. Professors often drop hints about the final throughout the semester, so it is helpful to be there the entire time. The course material is also taught during this very valuable class time.

About a month before finals, I begin to make flashcards on key words to start reviewing. I usually make note cards for every chapter, so the final is just a collaboration of everything. Beginning to study in advance is also a key to success. I try to start looking everything over three weeks in advance. Two weeks before the exam, I re-do all quizzes and tests from the entire semester which helps show me what I need to target in future studying. My next step is taking practice tests with and without notes, depending on how many practice tests and review guides are given. At this point, I often have questions or need something clarified. Because it is still one to two weeks before the exam, I am usually able to ask the professor in class or make time to meet after class. This is one of the perks of studying early. Studying with classmates is always helpful, too.

It is the week you have been dreading all semester; finals. If you are properly prepared, it should be a breeze. I always review up until the exam, to keep everything fresh on your mind. I try to get plenty of sleep during finals and eat healthy meals. During the final, it is important to not freak out (easier said than done). Rather than figuring how bad you need to fail and still pass the class, focus on how great you could do. After you finish the exam, relax because you really deserve it!