momomBy Morgan Huss
Holidays always seem to bring up feelings of nostalgia and a sense of hope when looking to the future. This holiday season for me has been very different being away from home and has lent me a new perspective on what the holidays truly are about.  I find myself reflecting on Thanksgivings past where I cared about nothing more than having my “fair share” of stuffing and getting my favorite seat in Grandma’s dining room. Now as I sit around my Grandma’s table as a look around, up and down, I see what I truly care about: my family, my friends, our health and the good memories we all are able to share in together.
            It is when I catch the group caught up in a moment of laughter that I am reminded of these precious blessings that I take for granted every day. I am thankful for my ever-supporting family who I can always count on, making sure they do everything possible to give me endless opportunities to prosper. My friends, who over the years have turned to family and with whom I share countless memories and everlasting bonds with. The health of everyone around me and the hope we all have to share in a new day together. It is the time I have been given with the people around me that is the dearest to me. This doesn’t mean I still don’t have my “fair share” of stuffing at Thanksgiving, it just means I’m fully engaged in those around me while enjoying it. I am thankful every day to spend most of my days surrounded by amazing family and friends; they are my greatest gifts I have been granted in this world. So as I look back with nostalgia and look hopefully to the future, I am elated to see their faces.