BrF4VBUydfKe65B43XJLAfSXBy: Samantha Lehman

The quaint village of Sussex, WI has a population of 10,000 people. Shopping in town
means going to one major street – Main Street. Traveling through town most often means that you will be stopped by one of the many trains running on the north/south track or the east/west track often making residents late for work or school. Students in town don’t ever miss the Friday night football games at the local stadium. The students and parents “hang” after concerts, sports, and local events at Culvers – one of only two fast food restaurants in town. My high school had about 1,500 students and it was a perfect size for me. It’s the type of school and town where everyone knows everyone or has some type of connection. Seeing a new face in the hallway or class was rare. Sussex is located about 20 minutes west from Milwaukee. Being so close meant that if there wasn’t anything to do in our town, we could go to “the big city” to shop, have fun or eat out with my friends at fancier restaurants. I really enjoyed the fact that I lived in a small town, but lived so close to the city at the same time. I like to think that Edgewood is pretty much the same thing – a smaller community nestled close to a bustling city.

After moving to the Madison area, I realized I had to adjust to a few things. Previously, the only bus I rode was a yellow school bus. However, now my main mode of transportation is the public bus system. The metrobus system was the most difficult adjustment for me to learn how to use. Back in Sussex, to get around town, we walked, rode our bikes or drove the family car. The first week here was a challenge. I got lost at least 5 times, stood at the wrong bus stop, got on the wrong bus only to end up in area I wasn’t familiar with and spent hours trying to find my way back to Edgewood. But, in a few weeks I learned the bus system and can confidently get to where I want to go.

The biggest difference in moving to Madison/Edgewood that I noticed was the number of people in the area. There are people everywhere enjoying themselves from running, shopping and eating at the huge variety of restaurants. State Street always seems to be a buzz of activity. There always seems to be a mix of college students as well as other adults doing the same thing I am. Living in a college town I feel like I really belong to a community.The atmosphere on Badger Saturdays is amazing. My favorite part of the game is sitting in the student section cheering and dancing to “Jump Around.” I like to believe that my high school had the best student fan section in the state. When compared to the opposing teams student section, SussexHamilton always had the biggest crowds and the best cheers. The students at my school showed a lot of school spirit and we all took pride in our teams. Living in Madison and going to Edgewood is very similar to this feel except on a bigger scale. There is so much school pride and enthusiasm shown by the students attending Edgewood and Madison. Overall, there have been some challenges and things I have had to get used to with living in Madison, but there are a lot of similarities to living in my home town of Sussex. I’m so glad that I am attending Edgewood College and living in Madison, WI.