sennior pic good %281%29By: Erika Schauer

When active in the college process, the words “liberal arts” are often tossed around, but many are clueless to the actual meaning.  Liberal arts is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica Concise as a “college or university curriculum aimed at imparting general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities, in contrast to t professional, vocational, or technical curriculum.” Liberal arts colleges often offer more of a broadened curriculum to create a well-versed and rounded student. The broadened curriculum often requires courses in religion, literature, and writing rather that simply focusing on one professional skill. Liberal arts colleges often are small and with close interactions between faculty and students.

Edgewood, being a liberal arts college, has offered me experiences that I would have failed to receive at other colleges or universities. The “tag” program for general education requirements has made me step out my comfort zone when taking classes. The dedicated staff is very passionate about generating students with broadened horizons. My COR 1 class, Perspectives in Puppetry, was a leap out of my comfort zone. The experiences I have had in non-traditional classes, such as Perspectives in Puppetry, have really helped me to have an opened mind as well as being an overall rounded student. A liberal education at Edgewood is unlike anything I would receive at any other institution.