momom(By Morgan Huss)

Defined as the mutual feeling of fellowship between a group of people, communities give people a sense of security and a place in the ever-changing social world. To me,  a community doesn’t always require shared beliefs or values, but does however call for understanding of others to promote happy coexistence. In both my classes and residence life there is a great emphasis on building a strong communal bond and forming new relationships with my peers. At Edgewood, community growth is stressed making it very easy to branch out and find your place.

When I came to Edgewood I was really nervous about being able to meet new people and make friendships like the ones I already had at home. Thankfully, within the first week of being here I was able to make friends in classes, in my dorm, and also just by getting involved in activities on and off campus. It is very scary being a new environment and feeling like you don’t have a place you belong. The key to finding your own sense of community is really just putting yourself out there and getting involved in a variety of different things. College is a time to grow and try new things, you never know what you may end up enjoying!