Blog Picture2By Meggie Wachowiak

Probably my biggest worry about going off to college was that I wouldn’t make any friends. Though a few people from my high school were also planning on going to Edgewood, I didn’t really know any of them very well, so this didn’t help to calm my nerves at all. I had had the same two best friends since elementary school and the same main friend group since middle school, so the prospect of going off to college and having to make new friends was terrifying to me. I remember being afraid that I wouldn’t even know how to make friends.

What I quickly, and thankfully, learned however, is that at a school like Edgewood, it is pretty hard not to make friends. All of the students and staff at Edgewood are so welcoming and friendly – you will meet new people almost everywhere you go on campus, starting day one. As an incoming freshman, you will have an orientation group that you participate in activities with during the four-day orientation before classes start. Many students end up becoming really close with their orientation group. As a junior, I still am really good friends with some of the people from my orientation group! There are also a lot of other orientation events you can participate in throughout those four days, which are great ways to meet other incoming freshmen outside of your orientation group.

Living in the residence halls on campus is also another great way to meet people. Many of the halls on campus have 50 to 60 residents living on a floor, so these are automatically 50 to 60 people that you will meet and be living with all year. My best friends at Edgewood were my neighbors or lived on my floor freshman year. Because Edgewood’s class sizes are so small, you often get to know other students in your classes as well. Many classes even require group assignments or projects, which is another way to meet new people. Also, getting an on-campus job or joining a student organization are other great ways to meet other students with similar interests to you. I have made some great friends through my job in the Admissions Office, as a Resident Assistant, and in both of the organizations I am involved with.

Overall, what I really wish someone would have told me is that I had nothing to worry about! Edgewood is well-known for its strong community feel, and it definitely holds true to that! You will quickly go from knowing no one, to having great, life-long friends that you met in your classes, in your residence hall, in a student organization, etc. Always remember, too, that you are not alone! Almost everyone goes off to school without knowing anyone!