ChristmasBy: Nick Hefty

As a freshman, many people are worried about having random roommates.  I will admit that it was one of my concerns as well.  However, having random roommates can really be a great experience and you might end up becoming great friends in the process.  When you are assigned random roommates it is important to set boundaries right from the start.  Talking about things upfront is very important; be clear about what you’re willing to share, when you usually go to bed, and what your expectations of your new roommate are.

Try to find common interests with your roommate such as TV shows, sports, music, or hobbies.  Use these commonalities to get to know your roommate during the first few weeks of living together by asking them to do one of your common interests together, if possible.  It is important to remember that as roommates you don’t necessarily need to be best friends, so allowing both your roommate and yourself some time apart is crucial to living together.