By: Nick Hefty

While Edgewood College is grounded in the Dominican Faith not everyone at Edgewood is Catholic. In fact, Edgewood has a very diverse community made up of many different faiths and welcomes all students regardless of religious affiliation. Catholic mass is offered on Wednesdays and Sundays, however, a nondenominational candlelit prayer is held every Tuesday. Many students, regardless of religious affiliation, also get involved with college ministry. College ministry organizes a number of service and community outreach programs that all students can get involved in. As you might know, Edgewood does have a religious studies requirement through our General Education program, but not all of the classes are based around Catholicism. We have a variety of religious studies courses such as Religion & Spiritual Traditions of the World, Personal Morality and Social Justice, and Spirituality & Ecology, and African Dance.