by: Erika Schauer

Madison is full of great fun activities to keep busy at little or no cost. The activities I listed are things I have done since enrolling as a student at Edgewood this Fall Semester. Some of these are seasonal happenings, but most can be done year round.

  1. Henry Vilas Zoo: The zoo is 5 minutes walking distance from Edgewood. It is FREE admission and open year round. I enjoy running through it every morning to add excitement to my run. The zoo is also a great place to bring people who come to visit!
  2. Visit the Capitol: The Capital offers FREE tours throughout the week and weekend. It a beautiful building and it is nice to learn a bit about the state history.Image
  3. Wingra Boat House: With your Edgewood ID, you can rent boats for FREE and take them out on Lake Wingra. It is a great opportunity to take in the beauty of nature. My friends and I take the boats to the other side of the lake and visit the zoo!Image
  4. Quaker Stake & Lube: This is a great restaurant, one of my favorite spots to eat on game day. Very affordable and the wings are great!
  5. Bowling at Union South: Very affordable bowling in the basement of Union South. It has a great atmosphere and is lots of fun!
  6. Marquee at Union South: FREE movies are offered throughout the week and on weekends. The movies are usually newer which makes the experience worthwhile. The Safe Ride shuttle picks up near Union South, which eliminates worry about travel.
  7. Farmers Market: Local vendors set up around Capitol Square on Saturday     mornings. It is a great time and there are always great foods and flowers to purchase!


These are just a few things to do in Madison, but there is so much more to offer!