ImageBy: Erika Schauer

When thinking of the college dorm experience, “single-room” and “all-female” did not come to mind. I was very nervous that I would be sitting in my single room surrounded by unsocial people. Regina has completely exceeded every expectation I ever had. I would describe Regina as a tight knit, social dorm where everyone is part of the community. Doors are often kept open, so my neighbors are essentially roommates. When I need some quiet time, it is nice to be able to close the door to focus. The flexibility I have because of the single room layout is great and unlike most college dorms. When my neighbors and I want to get together, we can use either of the two lounges located on our floor. The lounges have comfy couches, computers, printers, and televisions; making them a great place to be.

Community bathrooms and tiny rooms were huge fears for me when moving in. The bathrooms are cleaned daily and very manageable. All rooms are equipped with sinks, minimizing trips to the bathroom. When I saw my room over the summer, I had no idea how I would survive. Once I moved in, I realized how much storage the rooms really have. I am able to fit more clothes than I ever imagined.

Regina has completely surpassed all my hopes for my  college dorm experience.  Aside from the actual room, the central location of Regina is ideal. It is so convenient to be able to walk down stairs to Phil’s Dining Hall to have a meal or a snack. I also can’t complain about look out my window and see a breathtaking view of Lake Wingra every morning.  Regina has exceeded my expectations and has been a great place to begin my journey at Edgewood.