ImageBy Patrice Morris

Family weekend is the weekend after fall break at Edgewood where students are encouraged to bring their families up and show them the new awesome campus they have become a part of! There are tons of activities that Edgewood sets up so students can have a great time and show their families what Edgewood is all about.

I had the opportunity to help out at Family Weekend. On Friday, I gave tours at the Stream and enjoyed watching the Chamber Singers sing. We had a big kick off to Family Weekend and had plenty of Ian’s pizza and amazing desserts. There was also a photo-booth; a lot of family pictures were taken there! Next I went to Mission Improvable.  This was a show put on by a group that tours the nation. Their whole show was based around improve. The audience gave suggestions on different games that they played and we got to watch them act everything out. It was beyond funny and a really great way for families to get to spend time together.

On Saturday there was a Badger Game party where we set out food and helped everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets socialize and watch the game. There were also trips to the zoo and to the Farmer’s Market! On Saturday night we got to watch “Murder in the Library”. We watch actors play out scenes about a murder that had happened in the library.  It was a live play and very cool to watch!

Unfortunately my family was not able to come this year to Family Weekend but I had a blast getting to see everyone else interact with their families and to see how happy all the families were to see their kids.  Family Weekend is fun by yourself, but even better when you have your family there to share it with! If you didn’t get the chance to go this year, you should really sign up to go next year! It is an amazing experience that only happens once a school year!