How to have a successful finals week:

1. Avoid excessively stressed out people — stress can be contagious! You already have enough on your plate.

2. Make sure you take breaks— a five hour study session will do you no good if you good too fogged at hour 2. Give your brain a break!

3. Remember to eat and drink plenty of water— does anyone else ever forget to eat when they are deep into finals? Make sure you’re getting your vitamins in, and drink lots of water!

4. Make a schedule— try to keep as close to your schedule as possible. It will help figure out due dates for papers and final exams so you don’t have any surprise exams and can organize your time to study properly!

5. No facebook — enough said.

6. SLEEP! All your hours of studying will be no good if you are too tired to focus on the exam!

Good luck to everyone who has finals right now!