Hey everyone,

A wonderful article about Edgewood College has been published in the latest issue of Madison Magazine. Neil Heinen, editorial director of the Magazine, speaks to why Edgewood is a wonderful place to teach. He believes Edgewood is a place of “dynamic and mutually beneficial sharing of curiosity, knowledge and life experiences.” Those are the words we like to hear!

In a short response to this article, I would like to thank all of our professors and “non-teacher-teachers” for their incredible insight and effort in cultivating an optimum learning environment for Edgewood students. Edgewood is a wonderful place to learn, due in large part to the amazing faculty we have: adjunct, non-teacher-teachers, and guest lecturers included. I’ve found the best situation to really grow is when there’s a crosshairs of personal and professional experience, coming from a cluster of different individuals willing to share their personal strengths with us. It’s a huge reason I love Edgewood so much.

So a huge thank you to all who contribute to the classroom at Edgewood College. We appreciate you!