How I spend my time
By: Meggie

I have never found myself bored on the Edgewood campus.  Between all of the activities offered for students and all of the wonderful things to do in the Madison area, there is always something going on.  If you choose to come to Edgewood, one organization you will want to know the name of right away is CAB – the Campus Activities Board.  They put on TONS of programs and events for students throughout the school year.  I have been given the opportunity to have so many great experiences through CAB.  They have a wide variety of events – both on campus and off, and the best thing is that these events are usually free or very low-cost!  One of my favorite events I’ve participated in with CAB was going to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago last year.  It cost just $10 for transportation and admission to the aquarium, and it was such a fun way to spend my day.  CAB also has a lot of events closer-by in the Madison area such as going bowling, trips to the movies (where it costs just $5 for the movie, popcorn, and transportation!), going rock climbing, going to the Comedy Club on State Street, and many more fun activities.  They will also have a variety of fun events on campus such as game nights and movie nights.  These on-campus events are usually free and often come with free food!  I always try to make it to as many CAB events as possible.  It’s sometimes hard with a busy college student schedule, but I am usually able to attend quite a few.

In addition to all of these events run by CAB, there are also a few big events that occur on campus every year, such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Winter Frost, and Spring Fest.  These are some of the largest events on campus, and they often draw a lot of the student population.  The Resident Assistants also put on a variety of programs for students throughout the year.  Many of these programs are very fun and designed to bring the residents together.  They will have movie nights, craft nights, games, food, and many other fun activities to participate in right in the residence halls.  On top of all these events, there will also be informative programs, guest speakers, and films offered by other organizations in the college almost every week.  The campus also offers opportunities to volunteer at places like the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry.  There are intramural sports for students to get involved in or fitness classes for students to take.  Edgewood also offers a shopping shuttle every other Monday that takes students to Target and the Mall.

With so many amazing events and programs always being offered, it is hard to decide which events to go to!  They are all very fun and great ways to meet other students at Edgewood.  I definitely recommend attending as many of these events and programs as possible!