Why It Works
By: Kaitlyn

When I was looking at different colleges, the size of the school was not on my list of things I was looking for in my future school. I figured that no matter what I would do my best to get to know my professors and learn the information from my classes. After seeing the classroom dynamics on Edgewood College’s Admitted Students Day, I realized how important a small setting can be. I was able to sit in on the classes and truly see the small classroom dynamics. This was one of the main factors that pushed me to attend Edgewood College.

The size of the school, however, was not even the best part. What really struck me was that when the Student Ambassador told my family and me that the average class size was 15 students. I found that hard to believe because even my high school had about 25 students per class. However, on my first day of class here at Edgewood College, every single one of my classes had fewer than 20 students. This did not seem like a big deal at first, but the relationships I was able to develop with my professors and classmates would not have been possible with a bigger class. With a small class the professors were able to convey the information in an individualized way in order for all the students to succeed.

The professors really seemed to care about his or her students. Many of my professors set up conferences with each student to talk about the student’s goals, work in the class, and life. One day I was having a bad day, and my professor noticed. She stopped me after class and asked how I was doing. Little things like this made me realized the professors’ desire for wanting their students to succeed. Another one of my professors had a quiz scheduled for that coming Friday, but the review on Wednesday did not go as smoothly as the professor had planned. The professor ended up moving the exam to the next Wednesday and after class, sent out areas our class needed to focus on due towe struggled with that information during the review. The way the professor personalizes each class has really impacted the amount of information I have learned. My favorite part about having these small class sizes has been that every one of my professors knew me-I was not just Kaitlyn or a number.

This personalized education through small class sizes is something rare that many people do not think about; however, it has been influential to my education at Edgewood College. The article, “10 National Universities with the Smallest Classes: These schools offer the highest proportion of classes with fewer than 20 students,” from the Chicago Tribune sheds a much needed light on the amazing achievement Edgewood College. My school is 3rd in the nation for schools with the highest proportion of classes with fewer than 20 students. The high percentage of 81.3% shows how dedicated Edgewood College is to giving every student the best opportunity to learn. This honor is something every student at Edgewood College can relate to and share their experience about. I feel so proud that I attend a school that is at the top of the list of the top 10 national universities with the smallest classes.