Women & Gender Studies
By: Patrice

During my first semester here, most of the classes I had were the basic classes to take care of my general education requirements. They were interesting, and definitely a good start to my first semester. This semester, however, I am starting to take classes that are more specific to me and my interests. The courses are expanding my mind in directions I didn’t know it would go.

My favorite class this semester is Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies. I took this class originally as a filler and to take care of some of the tag requirements I have. I didn’t realize how much I would really love it. In this class I am learning the background of women’s freedom and feminism. Previous to this class, I had a completely different idea of what feminism was. After getting into the class, I started to learn so much about the stereotypes that are placed on women in the past and today. It is great to find out about how women have come; the reason I am here today is because of the women that have fought for my freedoms in the past.

In this class, I have two professors that complement each other very well. They make class engaging and fun. They joke around a lot and let their personalities shine which gives more perspective on the things that we are learning in class. They are available to help whenever, and are very understanding about problems that come up during class. I love this class because it’s interactive and is relative to issues today.  It doesn’t feel like going to class, I look forward to it everyday. Thanks to the professors, my class is fun and interactive, and learning more about how women got to where they are today is amazing to me.