Choosing Majors
By: Meggie
Sophomore year is a very exciting year for students. You finally begin to start taking classes directly related to your major and even declare your major. This time is both exciting, and eye-opening. It can sometimes even make you reconsider your major – it definitely did for me! I originally came to Edgewood as a mathematics teaching major. I had always known I wanted to do something with math, but I wasn’t sure what so I decided to give education a try. Fall semester of my sophomore year, I was able to take my first education classes. I was really excited because one of the first classes for education majors requires a 20 hour practicum. It is really a great experience to be out in the schools right away. I was assigned a practicum at Sennett Middle School in Madison, and it was an amazing (and very eye-opening) experience.

 It was great that I was able to be in the classroom working with students, but having this experience also made me reconsider if teaching was a good fit for me. I ended up making an appointment with career services (an awesome free resource that all Edgewood students have access to) to talk about my options and figure out if teaching was the right career path for me. The career services staff was extremely helpful, and I ended up deciding to keep my math major, but get a minor in business instead. So far I love my business classes, and I think the switch was a good choice for me. It was a bit of a difficult process because I had everything all planned out with my old major and I had to figure everything out again, but all of the advisors were very helpful throughout the process. They have made it a fairly easy transition.

Deciding on a major is a really difficult thing to do, and a lot of people end up changing their major throughout their college career. It is definitely okay to come into school not really knowing what field you want to go into. The nice thing about being able to get into major-specific classes right away sophomore year is that you’re given time to try out classes in different majors and see what is the right fit for you. If you ever do have trouble deciding on a major or switching your major, Edgewood has a lot of resources to help you through the process. They make it very easy to do.