How I Manage My Time
By: Kaitlyn

Since starting college I have come to realize how essential time management can be to a successful college career. Time management can make or break students. I manage to keep myself very busy with school, work, clubs, and my social life. I manage my time is through a detailed schedule. My roommates will admit that I am a little obsessed with calendars and lists. I have 4 calendars with all my commitments, projects, assignments, test, and goals for the week on them. I stay super organized by keeping my calendars up to date by spending a half an hour Sunday night planning out my week. That way I can make sure I have enough time to do school work, so by the time the weekend rolls around I can enjoy it! I also have sticky notes and lists of what I need to get and do. The satisfaction of crossing something off a list is very satisfying. This method works for me, but it is pretty involved and intense. I don’t like the feeling of stress, and through this I enjoy my weeks and weekends.

Classes in college are much different than classes in high school classes, because often time there isn’t homework for every class every night. Instead, the professor will expect you to review what you learned in class that day and prepare for the next class. Classes are also based much more on long-term projects and tests. Saving studying for a test and writing a paper until the night before does not work very well in college. Planning ahead or time and doing a little a night will benefit you.

College classes and other commitments take up a ton of time and energy, so it is super important that you get sleep! I have realized coffee can only do so much for me. Knowing this I make sure I get enough sleep every night. It was difficult at first to sleep, when you love your roommates and feel like you are practically having a sleepover every night. All I wanted to do was talk and pull all nighters painting our nails and reading magazines. This lack of sleep got to us fast. Now we plan nights during the week to have a roommate night, so we can all get enough sleep.

Don’t be stressed though! If I can manage my time, anyone can! So I created ten tips for successful time management!

Kaitlyn’s Tips for Time Management:

1. Plan goals for each study/ homework session
2. Break study hours into one-hour blocks to stay focused
3. Use a planner (On Sundays fill it in for the whole week-include goal, deadlines, and appointments- and each day refer to your schedule and revise it.)
4. Plan for some flexibility (in college many unexpected events arise so be prepared)
5. Include your social life in your schedule
6. To stay focused eat nutritious meals
7.Make an effort not to procrastinate (after finishing what is due the next day, try to do one part of an assignment that isn’t due for a while)
8. Eliminate distractions (turn off your cell phone and log off Facebook while studying.)
9. Get a good night sleep!
10. Find a special spot where you can be really focused and get a lot done (My spot is in the library)