Thoughts on my fist semester of college
By: Gaeel

My first semester at Edgewood was pretty great! The transition from high school to college was not too overwhelming, but I had to get used to doing a lot more paper writing. It’s not too bad because the professors we have here are so helpful! They will stay after or outside of class to help, talk about difficulties you may be experiencing, or anything else that you may need help with. Along with college level classes comes more time needed to study to make that ‘A’ possible. It can be difficult, but I’ve found it easier to study with friends.
Speaking of friends, my first friends in college were actually my two roommates that I still live with now. One of the many things incoming freshman worry about with their college experience is roommates and making friends. I have enjoyed living with people, and I think most people do, because you can get to know others and become friends with people around you, right in your own hall. It’s a great experience and it sure has made my transition to life away from home easier. I do miss home from time to time, but I have been able to see my family during all the breaks we have gotten, so I haven’t gotten too homesick yet!