Things you must know
By: Bekah

The beginning of a new semester is always kind of an exciting time I think. It’s always a fresh start; you have new classes, new professors, and new classmates. Generally speaking, it’s just nice to be able to start a new routine every once in a while, as we have all just done here this past week.

A new semester doesn’t come without preparation. First, registration for classes happens months earlier. It’s a time of meeting with advisors, figuring out which classes you need to take and how you can keep on track to graduate in the time that you’re aiming for. I always love the feeling after I register for classes, as it gives me something to look forward to!

Once it gets to be a few weeks or so before classes actually start then, it’s important to think about what books you’re going to need. Personally, I usually order all of mine off of Although you really do need to plan ahead to get them here on time, I find that I can generally get what I’m looking for at a somewhat reasonable price. Other options include book rentals, such as, which is great for books that you know you’re never going to look at again after the semester. Simply going to the bookstore to purchase everything, of course, is always an option as well, and is one that can be much less stressful than trying to track everything down elsewhere.

Then finally, you hit the first week of classes- a week full of syllabi! Although it’s not always the most exciting few days, it is honestly some of the most important. This is the time to learn the expectations of the semester and find out if this class if going to be a good fit for you or not. Once this week passes, you’re off and running, and before you know it, you’re registering for another new semester!