What I do in Madison
By: Kaitlyn

Being in a big city like Madison there are always a million and one things to do, and the weekends are no exception. The only tough part about having all these options is deciding what to do. Personally I do not like to sit in the library all weekend, so I try to do all my studying during the week, so once Friday rolls around I am ready to have some fun! So far I do not have one specific thing I like to do every weekend. Edgewood College Activities Board (CAB) offers events every week and on the weekends. This organization has helped me to meet many people at Edgewood too along with giving me something to do on the weekends.

The second weekend I was here CAB sponsored a trip to Miller Park to see a Brewer Game. It was only $20 for awesome tickets, a coach bus ride to Milwaukee, food, and a great time!

I also am a big Wisconsin Badgers fan, and have never missed a home game this year! I really enjoy going to those games on Saturdays!

My friends and I really like to go to State Street to shop, get dinner, and ice cream! We love to dress up and go have dinner together. There’s also a Comedy Club on State Street that is hilarious-literally! There is always a million things to do on State Street. And if your into music, plays, and concerts there are two theaters just calling your name! One of my favorite rappers Mac Miller was in Madison a couple of weekends ago, and my roommate and I got tickets and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!

On Saturday mornings, I also enjoy going to the Farmer’s Market around the capital. Walking down to the capital is great exercise and is really fun to people watch.


I have also gone home a couple of times to watch my brother play in his first high school football game and to take pictures of my sister and brother going to Homecoming! I even brought one of my roommates back home with me to show her Chicago (where I am from) since she has never been. As much fun as every weekend is here in Madison, it is always nice to hang out with my family and sleep in my own bed for a weekend.

Whether you want to just walk around on State Street, go to a game, concert, or play, attend an Edgewood sponsored event, go home, or just hang out with friends at the residents halls there is always something to do on the weekends here at Edgewood College.