My favorite Restaurants in Madison
By: Cara

Hi, all! I will be doing a multi-post installment of the best places in Madison. Here is part one, my favorite restaurants!

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner- Located in the Atwood neighborhood, Monty’s is my favorite place to go when I’m looking for a comfortable college-free atmosphere with some delicious menu options for every taste. A quick bus ride on the ‘3’ route will get you there quickly! Monty’s is a very unique diner, in which I frequent probably too often. In fact, the staff recognizes me often because I eat there multiple times a month, and let me tell you, it’s money well spent. Monty’s is comfort food all the way, but with a twist. The options on the menu at Monty’s vary from delicious vegan sandwiches to meaty chicken pot pies, and everything in between. As a vegetarian, I have numerous options, and that’s a big reason I keep coming back to Monty’s. Some don’t-miss options include: The meatless meatloaf sandwich, the gourmet mac & cheese, the Reuben sandwich (my meat-eater friends love this option,) and the sweet potato hash is a great breakfast option. Don’t miss their deeeeeeelicious desserts as well!

Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace– Tubb’s Tacos is almost next door to Monty’s, which makes this neighborhood an overall joy to be in! Tubb’s has really unique options for tacos, and again, a nice variety of vegetarian options. They have a salsa bar, which I enjoy, because I am a bit of a salsa fiend. Again, the options here have a unique twist and don’t fit into what you think a taco is (in a good way!) I am also a frequent customer here.

Bluephies– Bluephies is an amazing restaurant very close to Edgewood! It’s a bit pricier than Monty’s and Tubb’s, but well worth the money! If you are looking for a place where you can dress up a bit, and have a fun night with friends, significant others, or family, Bluephies is the place for you. Bluephies is a vodkatorium as well, so if you are of age, you can enjoy the over 100 choices in vodka! The food here is American with, again, a twist! They have very yummy soups, and an incredibly sun-dried tomato spread that they bring out with bread before you order. I always end up getting the Portobello Panini, with a side of sweet potato fries. But, I have tried a lot of the menu, and I have always been very satisfied!

All three of these restaurants participate in an organization called ‘Food Fight Inc.’ So if you buy a gift card from either of these restaurants, you can use them at any of the Food Fight Inc. restaurants! Here is a link to the other restaurants that participate.

Happy eating, future Madisonians!