My College Search Journey
By: Gaeel

How I found Edgewood? Well it was a long process. When I started college searching, I wanted to major in architecture or engineering. I was looking at schools in Milwaukee like MSOE and UW Milwaukee. I did a job shadowing program and it turned out that this career was too constricting for my imagination. So I was back to square one with the big question “what do I want to do?” I was still searching in Milwaukee and looked at schools such as The Art Institute of Wisconsin and MIAD since I liked art, but not sure what field of art. I’ve always loved art; such as drawing, painting, pottery, scratch boards, and designing. They helped me realize I wanted to be a Graphic Designer.

So I looked at other schools online and discovered Edgewood in Madison. I thought it sounded cool from their website, so I decided to give it a little visit. I came and fell in love with the beauty of the campus! I met with Amelia and had a great time talking about Edgewood and myself. The application process went smoothly and turned it in. I sent my High School Transcripts and ACT scores and crossed my fingers. Before I knew it, I was accepted!

The reason why I picked Edgewood from the other schools was for many reasons. The community here is great! We have such a friendly community and great staff members and faculty, it was heartwarming. I like that the class sized were pretty small, so classes have been pretty nice. If I got lost on something or confused, my questions could get answered on the spot. Edgewood has a great art program, with a variety of majors and great professors that are professionals in their field and know what they’re doing. Overall, Edgewood is like my second home and I feel awesome being a student here in the year of truth!