The Transition
By: Bekah

After two years of living on campus, first as a resident, then as an RA, I decided to move back home for a year and be a commuter. I loved living on campus and would not have changed the past two years, however with my family situation and financial circumstances, I knew it was a wise decision to move back. Let me tell ya though it’s a bit of an adjustment.

There are several things that I really miss about living right here on campus. More than anything, I just miss the convenience. When you live on campus, you don’t have to worry about finding parking (which can really be a hassle), you have a room to go to between classes (although the library or Wingra are always options, they aren’t nearly as convenient), you have a seemingly endless food account to rely on (which I miss way more than I ever would have thought), and you are in Madison (always a fun place to be!).

Living at home though really has its benefits too. The biggest advantage is I am saving lots of money! Not having to worry about paying for housing or food is so nice and reduces a lot of stress. It’s also great to be able to be with my family more often and help out at home as necessary. Additionally, I’ve really enjoyed having a car again and having the ability to go places easily whenever I want. Needless to say then, living at home has worked out.

Although this year has been quite different from what I had been used to, it is really going well so far. Commuting is definitely a great option to consider if ever in a similar situation.