Thoughts From Chicago
By: Cara

Over the weekend, I traveled to Chicago to visit an old high school friend. On the way down, I was thinking about where I was in high school, and how I thought I would never be able to live without my high school friends. Back in the day, I had a very tight-knit group of friends, who now go to college all across the Midwest. Luckily, there are a few that go to UW-Madison, so I am still able to see them on a regular basis, but a lot of my friends aren’t so close by.

Though it may seem impossible to be away from your friends, or maintain a long distance friendship when you are away at college, I am here to tell you it is very possible. My long-distance friends and I try to Skype each other once a week, or at least get in a good phone call. I also try to visit my friends in the Midwest once a semester and they come to Madison to visit me once a semester. That’s four times over the school year, and when I include Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break, I end up seeing my friends plenty! Yes, it is different and strange not being with the same people every day, but if you are willing to, it is easy to maintain a very strong friendship with your buds that go to school all across the map.

A great resource for Edgewood students is the Megabus or Badger bus. This service provides you with a bus ride to cities and campuses a all around the Midwest. The buses pick up right in front of the Union, which is only a quick five-minute bus ride from Edgewood, and for me a quick one minute walk from my apartment! Plus, if you do your planning in advance, it can be really inexpensive. My round trip cost to Chicago was only eight dollars! Can you imagine how expensive it would be to drive down there? Way more than eight dollars, I can tell you that! The weekend after Halloween I am going to visit my friend in Minneapolis. That round trip only cost me eleven dollars! It’s a steal, I tell you!

So if you have friends leaving to go to schools that are a few hours away, don’t fret. You have some great options as a student in Madison to get around. You just have to find the time and put in the effort, and you will be able to balance your high school friends and your new college friends no problem.