A Fresh Perspective
By: Kaitlyn

Being the oldest in my family, I was very unsure what to expect in college; however, once I pulled in the first day of orientation, everything started becoming clearer. I was nervous to say goodbye to my family, friends, and home, but excited to start a new chapter in Madison. Everyone I have met has been so welcoming which has helped me feel apart of the Edgewood Community. Those first jitters now seem silly after all of the fun times I have had and great people I have met.
Since I have been here a couple things have surprised me. Coming into college almost everyone I talked to told me you will have so much free time. This has been true in the area of school by not having class from 8:05 to 2:30 everyday, but with all the clubs, organizations, sports, and jobs offered I have found a way to keep myself very busy. I was very surprised at all of the events or activities offered every day. There really is never a dull moment if you don’t want one. I also was surprised by how many people I met in the first week. Everyone I met was very interested in getting to know me. The last thing I was surprised about was how easy the bus system is. Being from a small town I never really used public transportation in the past. Now that I am in Madison and do not have a car there is no other option. The bus and the numbers seem so intimidating, but it actually is really easy. Most popular places like State Street or West Town Mall are only one bus away.
On the other hand, I am struggling with spending my meal dollars. I’m not a real big breakfast either and I have the same half of peanut butter sandwich everyday, which leaves Phil’s and Wingra for dinner. At first I didn’t know what to do to spend this extra money, but then a dining hall worker suggested that I buy cases of pop, chips, dip, and boxes of noodles and bring them home. It has ended up being a win win! My family gets fun food and I spend my meal dollars!
My favorite part about college is my professors. All of the professors are very passionate about their field of study and in their students’ success. They have office hours for students to come in to get help, but they are usually in their office double the number of hours they say they are. They all treat me like an adult and a friend. Some even gave their cell phone numbers to their class! It is crazy to think that my professors are some of my biggest cheerleaders for academic success.