What it is like to run ALaS
By: Adela

ALaS, the association of Latino or Latina students is a student organization that promotes Latin culture and background in the Edgewood and outer Madison community.
As the current president of ALaS, I can honestly say it is not an easy task. Though I have been in the position for not too long, I already have my agenda full for weeks of events we need to get done, events we would like to see happen, and ideas we would like to throw onto the table. Our student organization is ALaS (Association of Latino/Latina Students) though the name itself is about Latinos; it does not mean only Latinos can join.
We have about 17 active members from last semester alone; that doesn’t even include the new freshman members we have this year. I must mention that being the president does take commitment and is time consuming, so juggling the position with classes and jobs can be a talent on its own, I have to add that it is very rewarding. We have done so many events in the past that have allowed our group to be recognized not only by the college but also by the Madison community as well. We have given our group a name and have really used it to help others. We have spread the Latin culture at school and around the community, not to mention we give back to others with all we do.

We raise money by selling foods from across Latin America, and other events for projects like adopting families in need during the holidays and many others. The hard work and all the time put into this group is very little price to pay for the reward and warm heart feeling you get from the communities gratitude and the groups efforts and new friends and connections you make!