Spring Break
By: Cara

Ahh! It’s been so long since and update, and let me tell you why: MIDTERMS. School consumed my life for the first half of March. Then a glorious, incredible, well needed (and I like to believe deserved, too) break came that rejuvenated, revitalized and recharged me. Spring break 2011!
My good friend, Bri, and I drove 23 straight hours to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. On the way down, we progressively took off more and more layers and went from boots, jeans, and hoodies to sandals, shorts, and tank tops. The 75 degrees weather throughout the whole week was the perfect solution to my mid semester blues.

My dad recently moved down to Hilton Head to escape cold Wisconsin winters. I don’t blame him; winter can really drag a person down. Especially a college student who goes to class before the sun rises and doesn’t leave class until the sun has set (though this is only over the span of a few hours!) We all needed a break, and the timing was impeccable. Plus, I missed my dad!

Once we made it to the island, Bri and I would wake up every morning, walk the minute and 30 seconds to the beach, and lay out for a few hours. We’d then walk back to my dad’s house, get ready for the day, and head out. We’d spend the day exploring different cities—Bluffton, Charleston, and Savannah, Georgia. We’d then head back to Hilton Head and find a nice restaurant, eat dinner and either go back to the beach, go out, or hang out at home.

I couldn’t have asked for a better spring break. The weather was perfect; the cities we discovered were adorable and really fun, and I had excellent company. On the drive back home, we stopped a night in Indianapolis, the next morning we drove to Chicago and hung out there for the day. Then it was back to Milwaukee to spend a relaxing weekend before coming back to the ‘Wood.

I feel absolutely ready to tackle the rest of this semester head on. Only a month and a half until summer! And though my break was fantastic, I must say, it is good to be back!

Bri and I on the beach
Beautiful flowers! We could really use some in Wisconsin!
Green fountain in Savannah, celebrating St. Patricks Day!
Thebean, the Chicago skyline
I hope you all enjoyed your spring breaks!