Second Semester
By: Cara

Wow, I can’t believe the first week of second semester is already over! After finals week, I just wanted to go home to Milwaukee and relax. I had an amazing break, but I am really happy to be back. For those who don’t know– you get about a month off for winter break in college, and believe it or not– it can get long!

This time of the year is really nice. You aren’t bombarded with homework and studying quite yet, you’re reconnecting with your friends, and you have the excitement of new classes.

I’m really looking forward to this semester. This time is nice because I am really getting into classes for my major and that means the classes are more exciting for me!

Something you will notice as you climb the chain of your chosen major is that your professors just become more and more interesting to you. For example, I am a journalism major, and I am taking a video journalism class, and a magazine writing class. My professors for both classes are so passionate and versed in their given field. I love hearing stories about my writing prof publishing work in the New York Times, and my video production professor wining multiple national awards for her documentary work. Totally inspiring, I tell ya!

And the nice thing about going to Edgewood, my awesome professors actually care to push me to follow a cool path like they did. They aren’t just sharing their stories with me, they are pushing and inspiring me to make stories of my own.

I honestly hope, no matter where you guys end up, that you will find professors that inspire you how my professors inspire me.