Finals Week
By: Cara

The time of year has come again, finals week has arrived.

I don’t think there is anyone who goes to school who enjoys finals week. But there are some things that Edgewood does to help ease the pain, just a little bit.

1. The RA breakfast
– On the Monday night of finals week, every semester, the RA’s serve a free breakfast-for-dinner meal for anyone. This includes commuters, who don’t have a meal plan. Free pancakes, sausage links, hash browns, eggs, bacon, fruit, and orange juice. It starts at 10pm, and goes until about midnight. There is also a raffle at the end of the night, where they give out tons of awesome prizes.

2. The library extends its hours.
– I take full advantage of this one. For the whole week, the library extends its hours until one in the morning! It’s thanks to the awesome library staff, and the student workers. The library is always jam-packed until closing, so it’s so nice to get a few extra hours thrown in there.

3. Free coffee and snacks
– When you go to the library, if you bring your own mug—you get free coffee! Unlimited refills! Also—all the different departments on campus chip in to buy snacks to keep in the library as well. It’s really nice to see that all the departments really support the students. (Admissions Office gave granola bars!)

4. 24 hour quiet hours in the resident halls

– For those of us who prefer to study in their rooms, or in the lounges of their res halls, every semester during finals week, the RA’s enforce 24 hour quiet hours. This means there is no loud music, no loud talking etc so that people can really concentrate and study.

All of these things raise your spirits just enough to keep studying. I am grateful my finals are all over, and I can relax for the rest of the week!

Good luck to everyone enduring the pain of finals week!