My life as a R.A
By: Rebekah

My year at Edgewood has been a busy one so far yet definitely a good one. I am a resident assistant in Regina Hall, the only all girls hall on campus. It has been an eye-opening experience to me in many ways and it also has made me feel like an important part of the Edgewood community.
RAs are responsible for making sure the residents on campus following the basic rules of residence life as well as trying to make each individual feel welcome and comfortable in the halls. By forming good relationships with each resident as well as putting on various programs throughout the year, the RAs aim to build a sense of community for everyone.
Personally, there is nothing better than the feeling of helping out those around me, so this role has been a good fit. I remember how nice it was when I was a resident last year to have someone I knew I could always go to. Now, it feels even better to be that person