Stevie v. Dominican
By: Adela

As many other sophomores, I have lived on campus both years. My freshman year I lived in a co-ed res hall, Stevie. Now I still live in a co-ed hall, but I have moved to the upperclassmen dorm, Dominican. Both being co-ed, they are similar and different in many ways. Both Stevie and Dominican are suite style–a shared bathroom and large rooms (all of which I love!). Dominican I got to choose my suitemates, which technically are my roommates, so the feel is more home-like in my perspective. Stevie was a blast especially for freshman year. Though I had a great time, met great new friends, found a second family, I feel it is great Edgewood has separated co-ed dorms. Freshman year, Stevie, was lively, friendly, welcoming, never boring, and great fun. This year, Dominican is more calm, quiet, and a little more secluded. Though some students would see this as a bad thing, I prefer it that way. Sophomore compared to freshman year is a huge difference class-wise. My sophomore year schedule is more complex and requires more focus, which I can get in Dominican, and I know I would not be able to get it in Stevie. Not saying Stevie is bad, I’m just saying Stevie is definitely a freshman dorm. I loved living in Stevie, and I love to reminisce on my freshman year, but Dominican isn’t just steps up on a hill. Dominican is, in my opinion, steps up in your college experience as a student living on campus.