Why I love working on campus
By: Cara

1. It’s a job
Going to college means spending some serious cash. Tuition, books (oh so expensive,) random fees, room and board and food, not to mention money for socializing! A source of income eases that pain.

2. It’s a work-study job
Most jobs on campus (there are exceptions!) don’t expect you to be constantly be doing tasks and busy work. So at my place of employment (Office of Admissions!) once I finish working on any projects and doing my daily tasks, I am able to spend the rest of my (paid) time there doing homework. Paid to study? Awesome!

3. It’s on campus
Freshman aren’t allowed to have cars, but even if you’re a sophomore and have a car, it’s a pain to travel for work! Being able to jump out of bed and go to class, or go right from class to work (within a minute or two) is awesome.

4. They work around your schedule
Every on campus job acknowledges and respects that you’re a student, and academic responsibilities come first. They make your schedule around classes, study sessions, student org meetings and other priorities. It’s great to know that your needs come first.

5. It connects you to campus
Working at the Office of Admissions has connected me to so many resources and people. Though I am very involved in student organizations and student life, having an on campus job connects you with faculty and staff, a connection that is harder to make.

6. It’s experience!
My experience working as an Office Assistant not only looks good on a resume, it has helped me build my communication skills as well as helps me develop team building skills. It’s a priceless lesson.

7. Weekends are free
There are exceptions to this (the library and dining halls come to mind) but if you work for an academic department, you’ll get weekends off! If the department is closed on the weekends, it means you’re open for the weekend! It’s awesome knowing that I get a break from school and work on the same days, total recovery time.

8. It’s fun!
There is never a dull day at the office, and I am sure that can be applied to many of the work-study jobs on campus. Between people coming in and out, a really fun staff, and jobs and tasks that are interactive, every day is different and I always manage to leave work in a great mood (I can’t say that about the jobs I had in high school…)

9. They love you!
The Admissions staff loves their student workers, and your staff will love you too! Not only do they share their love by being an ear or shoulder when you need it, they also get you cool things! My bosses have given me gift cards, thank you notes, holiday and end of the year gifts, and a free meal at the Melting Pot!

10. You will meet some amazing people
Since working in the office, I’ve made a handful of new friends. The student workers are a close-knit group, and we are all legitimate friends. Not to mention the awesome staff. The amazing admissions staff includes: Admissions counselors like Amelia Cook, Ryan Gebler, Derek Johnson, Tami Koepsel, and Joann Eastman, staff like Jenna Jacobson (if you’ve visited campus– you’ve talked to Jenna) Tori Benson (if you’ve applied– Tori has been a huge part of the process) and Linda Gonzalez (if you’ve requested information about Edgewood, she set it up for you!) and of course, the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Christine Benedict! They all play huge roles in making my work-study job a positive experience. They are extremely helpful, and overall really excellent people. I’m so lucky to be working with them!

Me and one of my amazing bosses, Christine Benedict!