High School v. College
By: Liz

Going into my 4th year of college, I’m pretty used to college life, and it’s odd for me to think that I went through and survived high school. There are so many differences; it’s hard to focus on just a couple. But, one big difference is the ability to arrange your schedule. Now, if I can help it, I won’t schedule a class before 10 am and getting up any earlier than 8am rarely happens. I can’t believe I used to get up at 6:30am every day to get ready AND on top of that, have 7 classes, and stay at school all day until 3:30pm…5 days a week? – seems crazy to me now! 
Sometimes, I miss the simplicity of my HS life. It seemed so hard when I was there, but in reality I spent so much more time focusing on friends and doing fun activities than I ever did on school. As far as time management, getting assignments done, and going to class …college was an enormous wakeup call. It’s not possible for me to skip multiple classes per week (definitely happened in HS) without facing the consequences later. 
The main thing I don’t miss from HS is the constant drama. Don’t get me wrong – college definitely has its fair share of drama, but it’s nice to walk down the hall and know that most people are just going about their day, not talking about what you’re wearing or if you’re cool enough to sit at their lunch table.