High School v. College
By: Michael

In college, far more than in high school, one chooses their own education. This goes beyond picking a major or thinking about a career. Unless you went to a private high school, you were not paying nearly as much for high school as you will for college. So one thing is that you should get your money’s worth.

Money and such aside, there are so many more opportunities in college. For example, I am an English major. It would have been absurd if I didn’t get involved in the magazine or the newspaper or the fiction readings, or go see the Shakespeare plays on campus. You should take advantage of your professors and advisors, who are professionals in their field and have a lot of advice to give.

You could go to all your classes and read everything and do all the work, yet your education still wouldn’t be complete. At Edgewood, the entire city of Madison is available. If you’re learning about ecology and science, go to the arboretum and see first hand how ecosystems work. If you are an artist, get involved with Madison’s local artists or take advantage of the free museums. Business majors have plenty of places to get internships; political science and history majors have a rich and active scene in Madison to explore. And so on. That’s what college is about, making your own education by combining learning with real-life experience. But you have to put that extra effort in yourself.