By Kinsey

Once again, it’s finals week on campus. It’s nerve-wracking with the loss of sleep, constant studying, and tons of due dates coming, but it also brings relief because it means break is almost here. Personally, I think finals week second semester is harder to deal with than finals week of first semester because while I’m stuck in the library studying for exams and writing papers, the weather outside is gorgeous and I want to do nothing more than hang out and enjoy the weather.

As hard as the nice weather makes it to stick to a study schedule, the campus really does do a good job of making finals a little bit better. The library offers extended hours so I have more access to a quiet study space, and the librarians even provide free coffee for a caffeine boost during those long hours of studying. And this past week, the campus threw a luau and had a food fight to celebrate spring. And after the first day of finals, the RAs put on a finals breakfast late at night. It’s free food, a nice break from studying, and they even hand out prizes.

So even though finals week isn’t the most fun time of the semester, it’s nice to know that the campus offers encouragement as well as fun things to do during my study breaks. And of course, finals week means summer is just around the corner.