By Rebekah

I cannot count the number of times my mom has told me in the last few months, “can you believe you’re almost done with your first full year of college!?” As cliché as it sounds however, it really did go by fast. As I look back on it all now though, I learned so much and did so many things, all in these past two semesters. More than I ever would have thought.

I made a great new group of friends, all of whom I feel like I’ve already known my entire life. It’s amazing what new, strong, relationships can form in such a small amount of time. I don’t know if it was from having a small campus which allows you to get to know everyone better, or living in the dorms, creating a whole different kind of bond with people. Whatever it was, I think that’s what made the year fly by most of all. I also already will have completed a great number of credits, helping me learn what I like and what I don’t, as well as getting a start on my major. I had a new world of responsibility and freedom opened to me too. I found a great job, learned to live with people, and just generally figured out how to be on my own. More than anything though, I feel like I have become a much more mature person.

These past eight months or so sure have gone quicker than I ever would have imagined, but so much has happened in them which is something that I find even harder to believe.